W3 Video Screen: How to read the statistics?

Nu = Classification compared to the number of single clicks

Date =Last update day (if the date posts 2 days of delay, that means that the screen does not exist any more)

Sim = Slurl link to the screen

Nom Owner = Owner of the ground

Version = Model (S: Small / L: Large / Pig : pig...) and screen version (the last version is 4.2)

Status = Ok or error (You have to be the owner of the ground to the Screen works properly)

W3 Give = Number of screen gave (x3)

W3 Info = Number of W3 notecards gave

Video View = Number of video seen

Video Info = Number of "customer's" notecard gave

Sensor = Frequentation, number of persons detected in a radius of 20 meters

Pay = Number of single clicks (1 per day and per person) remunerated 5L$ from February

Click = Total number of clicks

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W3 Advertising & Network : How to read the statistics?